By Dana Nguyen Schmidl, DDS, MS

Orthodontists do more than just straighten teeth. We improve the harmony of the bite, mitigate issues associated with improper jaw alignment, and address aesthetic concerns such as facial symmetry and profile.

 As an orthodontist, the most common question I am asked by patients and dental colleagues is “At what age should a child be evaluated for orthodontic treatment?”

While braces are typically associated with teens, you may be surprised to hear that even children who are still donning some baby teeth may benefit from orthodontic treatment. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends for all children to be evaluated by an orthodontist no later than age 7.

There are several reasons for this recommendation. By age 7, the permanent first molars have erupted, establishing the bite. Also around this time, the permanent front teeth begin to emerge, allowing an orthodontist to evaluate if your child has crowding, spacing, an overbite or underbite. 

 Additional problems such as cross-bites, deep bites, open bites, and adverse dental habits can be detected.

While the majority of children do not need any orthodontic treatment at a young age, early detection can prevent more serious problems from developing and may make subsequent orthodontic treatment shorter and less complicated.

For example, detection and treatment of a prolonged thumb-sucking habit can prevent narrowing of the upper jaw, an open bite, and excessive protrusion of the front teeth.

 If a significant issue is identified during the initial examination, early interceptive (“Phase 1”) orthodontic treatment is recommended. Usually completed in less than a year, this treatment is typically done during the ages of 7-11 when children have a mixture of permanent and baby teeth. Children will then be monitored regularly and evaluated for a second phase of orthodontic treatment once all permanent teeth erupt, around age 12.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s dental alignment or bite, schedule a consultation appointment with a local orthodontist or ask your family dentist for a referral. Consultations are quick, painless, and often complimentary.  A beautiful smile is right around the curve.

For more information visit Schmidl Orthodontics at https://www.schmidlorthodontics.com/

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Sweet Stuff! Custom Cakes and more!

  Custom Cakes and More!

We here at Sweet Stuff work to make each special occasion cake or dessert the best we can.  We really believe in making each and every order special and unique, trying hard to really get what the customer wants in it. Be it a birthday cake for someone who loves high fashion, or a child who has an imagination and wants a pirate, princess, pony theme all in one cake, or a wedding cake in a steam punk theme for 20 or 500 people, we work with every person to get them what they want and within the budget they have. We can do wedding, baby or bridal shower, birthday, bachelor /bachelorette cakes, desserts, cupcakes, custom cookies, cake pops, and much more. We can work with any theme and with most budgets. Desserts for that special dinner or event is no problem and we offer a long list of things to choose from. We do offer Gluten Free and Vegan items.

With over 32 years of professional baking experience acquired here locally in the Rogue Valley, we  are always doing our best to keep up with current trends and techniques to create personal, one of a kind cakes. We were at the Ultimate Bridal Show this last October and will be at the Southern Oregon Wedding Show this upcoming January at the Medford Armory, with all kinds of information about what we do, in particular, wedding cakes, and will have lots of samples for everyone to try. We are currently booking into the 2016 season already, so if your interested in booking with us for an upcoming event, please get in touch as soon as possible by email, phone, or Facebook message.

We are also here to help out the other bakers in the area by selling baking, cake decorating, and candy making supplies at our booth currently inside the American Mercantile, at 1314 Court St. in Medford. We have everything from individual cake boxes and boards, to cake pans, chocolate candy molds, flavorings, food coloring, edible images, and more. We rent out cake pans, and cake/cupcake stands, and can print out custom edible images. We also sell our homemade buttercream frosting, fillings, and pre-made cake pop balls to order, so all the customer has to do is have fun putting their creation together. We offer custom private, individual, or group classes as well in baking and cake decorating. Call or email for information as each class is customized to the level of experience and techniques wanted to learn. Prices do vary according to class size and structure.

If, however, you just want a decadent salted caramel brownie to munch on or a cupcake to treat yourself with, we operate a booth at the Medford Growers and Crafters Market during the spring/summer and into the beginning of fall, season. You can also find our sweet treats at several other locations, like the Pit Stop Espresso in Ruch and at Fox Run Farms on Jacksonville Highway. But, you can always give us a call, or email us, at least a week in advance, to order a custom creation just for you!




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Interviewed and written by Lois Pierce


Natural History is an important part of ANY science program and it’s been brought to the Southern Oregon area for 7 years by a very POPULAR company that caters to ALL ages at ALL locations.

BUGS-R-US Educational Services provides hands-on fun and education to 5 counties in 2 states. Its owner, John Jackson, has done over 3000 programs in the past 7 years to over 160,000 visitors and is still going strong.

John contributes the success of BUGS-R-US to that simple fact that  ”People like to be entertained, educated and grossed out every chance they can get.” And that’s what he does with 15 different topics ranging from the most popular “BUGS and BUGS AS FOOD” , “WORMS and COMPOSTING” to “OWLS and OWL PELLETS” and the new “NATURAL HISTORY of the OREGON TRAIL.” “Every program we teach is just a big show-and-tell….the audience gets to touch EVERYTHING and that’s what makes it stick in their minds.”

BUGS-R-US Educational Services has worked for retirement communities, day-care centers, schools, churches, birthday parties, fund-raisers, Parks and Rec., Scouts, Homeschools, Garden Clubs and the list goes on. They have turned ALL of the 15 topics into Birthday themes. Your child’s Birthday Party can feature unique, unusual entertainment that is educational as well!

John updates the 15 topics on a regular basis and tries to keep them FRESH for new audiences. “We built the “NATURAL HISTORY of the OREGON TRAIL” program for 4th graders but quickly found out that it appeals to older folks just because of the history factor.” And that’s how his audience base continues to grow.

John and his son, Will, usually work 7 days a week and have to buy the new year calendar VERY early. “Some of our clients like to book 9-12 months out so that means I can look at the schedule a year out and know I’ll still have a job”, John jokes.

BUGS-R-US Educational Services website… www.bugsrus.org … has details about all 15 of their programs along with photos and videos.

“It amazes me that I get to educate and have fun with my students and it’s not really work”, John says. “It’s just me having fun with friends.”

BUGS-R-US Educational Services can be reached at (541) 772-3281 or through their website at www.bugsrus.org

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Pawsitive Touch for Dogs

Pawsitive Touch for Dogs      
Looking for something new for your canine companion? Consider hydrotherapy and massage provided by local dog lover, Debbie Erb, at Pawsitive Touch for Dogs.
Massage alone has been known for many years to have a positive effect on the body, whether it is human or dog, but hydrotherapy brings things to a new level. Hydrotherapy uses water to create relaxing yet fun atmosphere, which includes an underwater treadmill. The underwater treadmill is designed for canine rehabilitation and allows dogs to begin their rehabilitation process earlier than normal. Using the natural buoyancy and resistance of the soothing warm water, the underwater treadmill creates a low-impact workout that helps the animal to increase muscle strength and endurance allowing a quicker transition to land-base therapy.
However, this is not just for dogs recovering from injury or surgery. Dogs who suffer from old age or arthritis can
also greatly benefit from the comforting warm water and the ability to be able to exercise without the increased pain of their own body weight. Healthy canines have room to benefit as well because this provides a way to build and strengthen muscle without causing damage to joints over time from impact.
Benefits from Treatment Include:
  • Early intervention and rehabilitation
  • Possibility for quicker recovery time
  • Exercise for dogs of all ages and sizes
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Better mental health/ increased endorphin levels
Debbie has been working with dogs for many years as a massage therapist at dog agility competitions. Having a true passion for animals, Debbie provides genuine care and relief for many dogs through the use of her tank as well as massage. Each animal is treated in the best way possible and water level is adjusted to meet every dogs specific needs.
If you have been looking for another healing option for your dog, or even just an outlet of fun then give Debbie at Pawsitive Touch for Dogs a call today!
Located inside Home Away from Home at 100 NE Mill Street, Grants Pass.
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