Interviewed and written by Lois Pierce


Natural History is an important part of ANY science program and it’s been brought to the Southern Oregon area for 7 years by a very POPULAR company that caters to ALL ages at ALL locations.

BUGS-R-US Educational Services provides hands-on fun and education to 5 counties in 2 states. Its owner, John Jackson, has done over 3000 programs in the past 7 years to over 160,000 visitors and is still going strong.

John contributes the success of BUGS-R-US to that simple fact that  ”People like to be entertained, educated and grossed out every chance they can get.” And that’s what he does with 15 different topics ranging from the most popular “BUGS and BUGS AS FOOD” , “WORMS and COMPOSTING” to “OWLS and OWL PELLETS” and the new “NATURAL HISTORY of the OREGON TRAIL.” “Every program we teach is just a big show-and-tell….the audience gets to touch EVERYTHING and that’s what makes it stick in their minds.”

BUGS-R-US Educational Services has worked for retirement communities, day-care centers, schools, churches, birthday parties, fund-raisers, Parks and Rec., Scouts, Homeschools, Garden Clubs and the list goes on. They have turned ALL of the 15 topics into Birthday themes. Your child’s Birthday Party can feature unique, unusual entertainment that is educational as well!

John updates the 15 topics on a regular basis and tries to keep them FRESH for new audiences. “We built the “NATURAL HISTORY of the OREGON TRAIL” program for 4th graders but quickly found out that it appeals to older folks just because of the history factor.” And that’s how his audience base continues to grow.

John and his son, Will, usually work 7 days a week and have to buy the new year calendar VERY early. “Some of our clients like to book 9-12 months out so that means I can look at the schedule a year out and know I’ll still have a job”, John jokes.

BUGS-R-US Educational Services website… … has details about all 15 of their programs along with photos and videos.

“It amazes me that I get to educate and have fun with my students and it’s not really work”, John says. “It’s just me having fun with friends.”

BUGS-R-US Educational Services can be reached at (541) 772-3281 or through their website at

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