U Pick Peaches at Sugar Plumb Acres

I recently found Sugar Plumb Acres on Facebook and was super excited to go out and check out the farm located at 1850 Pioneer Rd. in Talent, Oregon.

We have a family recipe for a peach cake that my children love so it was easy to talk them into coming. When we pulled up to the farm the first thing that caught my eye was all the beautiful flowers!

They have a u-pick area that you can find reasonable priced flowers to make your own bouquet. Our next trip out we will be taking advantage of this for sure. We were directed to area to pick the peaches, you need to bring your own containers to transport them, we brought reusable fruit bags.

There are plenty of low hanging fruit so that even your toddlers are able to participate. Once you’ve gathered all your peaches you just have to pull up to the exit and you’re able to weight and pay right there, the farm does only take cash or checks.

For more information visit

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Free Summer Meals Program for Kids & Teens

Summer Meals -Nourishing Oregon’s Kids.

There are over 800 summer meal sites in Oregon with free meals for kids and teens ages 1-18.

   Summer meal programs may serve a combination of lunch, breakfast, supper and morning or afternoon snacks. Some programs also offer learning activities for kids before or after meals.

     Click on  the map below to find a site near you.


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U-Pick Strawberry Picking at The Oregon Bee Store

The Oregon Bee Store in Eagle Point has the cutest little store with the cutest stuff inside and pure local honey. But the main reason we stopped was for the U Pick strawberries!


My 3 1/2 year old daughter had a blast picking her own strawberries . It is a great way to get outside and teach children where strawberries come from,  how they are grown, when they are just right  and taste a freshly picked one.

The Oregon Bee Store offer buckets to pick the strawberries but don’t forget to bring something to take them home in.

They are on Facebook and update it there with all the info for the U pick.                                                
The Oregon Bee Store is located at 14356 Highway 62 in Eagle Point, Oregon. You  can give them a call at (541) 826-7621 or stop in to visit the shop and pick some fresh strawberries.
By Caiti
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U Pick Organic Cherry-picking Days at Valley View Orchard

June is cherry-picking month in Southern Oregon!  If you don’t have your own cherry trees to pick from, consider heading over to Valley View Orchard at exit 19 in Ashland next season.


This organic Farm also offers U-pick peaches, apricots, grapes and more when in season, so mark your calendars and follow them on Facebook for their Picking Times.

 Taking children on an outing to the farm teaches them where their food comes from and gives them a sense of accomplishment as they “hunt” for the best produce to choose.  But make sure it is an organic farm or orchard to insure the safest, pesticide-free foraging for the little ones.

Dress comfortably in loose-fitting close to accommodate lots of reaching, stretching and walking.  Tennis shoes (no open-toes) are a must, and wearing a hat naturally protects little faces from sun and the heat of summer.  Buckets are provided by the farm, but keep in mind that the trek back to the farmhouse to pay can be a long one with a full bucket of cherries.  We always ask for two buckets each and fill them only half full or less to make the return trip and checking out a breeze.

Be prepared to hear, “This was my most favoritist thing to do ever!” , as you drive away from the farm, with little  lips smeared in cherry juice and smiles that reach from ear to ear.

Karen Daggett Austin
Owner, True Juice organic Café’ and Nana to five kiddos who LOVE to garden and pick fruits and veggies


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TRUE JUICE: First Restaurant in Grants Pass to Earn Blue Zones® Approved Status

On September 9, 2016, True Juice opened its doors on “D” Street, and became Grants Pass’s first dedicated all-organic Juice & Smoothie Bar… and business has been booming ever since. Now, True Juice has also earned the prestigious position of being the first Blue Zones Approved restaurant in the Rogue Valley!


The Blue Zones Project®  launched in Grants Pass  in January , and nationally it is helping transform communities across the U.S. into areas where making  healthy choices is easier and people live longer with a higher quality of life. The mission of the Blue Zones Project® and True Juice seemed like a match made in heaven.  Through a multi-month process True Juice submitted recipes, policies, menus, restaurant protocols – and even personal Crew employee commitments- for review to Blue Zones® Grants Pass; and in mid-March, they received word congratulating them on their official well-deserved Blue Zones®- Approved status.


Local owners, Jacob and Karen Austin, started out as regular home-juicers and Certified Integrative Health Coaches who saw the need for an all-organic restaurant/Juicery option in Grants Pass back in 2015. Their vision was to open a plant-based, organic Family-style juice bar which also served smoothies, smoothie bowls, food and treats, with many gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free options to meet the needs of those with food allergies, sensitivities and other health concerns/preferences. Believing  that business could be a tool to create positive change, Karen and Jake jumped in to invest in the health and happiness of their southern Oregon customers and community while hoping to inspire other individuals and companies to do the same.


Today True Juice creates delicious and nutritious recipes using produce from a network of local organic farms including Pennington Farms, Howard Family Orchards, Promiseland Farm, and others. Their menu has expanded beyond juice, smoothies and smoothie bowls to also include sandwiches, soup, chili, quiche, gluten-free baked goods, chocolate treats, banana parfaits, Multi-Day Juice Cleanse Packages,  Quinoa Bowls, wraps (both turkey and vegetarian), snow cones, house-made Nut Mylks, Wellness Shots, cold brew coffee, teas and a whole array of Kombuchas, fruit and snacks… all organic, much of it local and/or house-made, and all of it delicious AND Nutritious. Additional fun facts are that they give their daily juice pulp to local organic livestock, and all of their to-go cups, straws, containers, and utensils are compostable.


If you haven’t already, drop in to True Juice and relax with green juice or coffee in their artistic, upcycled atmosphere, or take  your family in to enjoy a delicious lunch, prafait or smoothie bowl. True Juice is located at 126 NW D Street in Historic Downtown Grants Pass at 124 NW D St.
They are open M-F:  9-5… and Saturdays from 10-2.



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Sweet Stuff! Custom Cakes and more!

  Custom Cakes and More!

We here at Sweet Stuff work to make each special occasion cake or dessert the best we can.  We really believe in making each and every order special and unique, trying hard to really get what the customer wants in it. Be it a birthday cake for someone who loves high fashion, or a child who has an imagination and wants a pirate, princess, pony theme all in one cake, or a wedding cake in a steam punk theme for 20 or 500 people, we work with every person to get them what they want and within the budget they have. We can do wedding, baby or bridal shower, birthday, bachelor /bachelorette cakes, desserts, cupcakes, custom cookies, cake pops, and much more. We can work with any theme and with most budgets. Desserts for that special dinner or event is no problem and we offer a long list of things to choose from. We do offer Gluten Free and Vegan items.

With over 32 years of professional baking experience acquired here locally in the Rogue Valley, we  are always doing our best to keep up with current trends and techniques to create personal, one of a kind cakes. We were at the Ultimate Bridal Show this last October and will be at the Southern Oregon Wedding Show this upcoming January at the Medford Armory, with all kinds of information about what we do, in particular, wedding cakes, and will have lots of samples for everyone to try. We are currently booking into the 2016 season already, so if your interested in booking with us for an upcoming event, please get in touch as soon as possible by email, phone, or Facebook message.

We are also here to help out the other bakers in the area by selling baking, cake decorating, and candy making supplies at our booth currently inside the American Mercantile, at 1314 Court St. in Medford. We have everything from individual cake boxes and boards, to cake pans, chocolate candy molds, flavorings, food coloring, edible images, and more. We rent out cake pans, and cake/cupcake stands, and can print out custom edible images. We also sell our homemade buttercream frosting, fillings, and pre-made cake pop balls to order, so all the customer has to do is have fun putting their creation together. We offer custom private, individual, or group classes as well in baking and cake decorating. Call or email for information as each class is customized to the level of experience and techniques wanted to learn. Prices do vary according to class size and structure.

If, however, you just want a decadent salted caramel brownie to munch on or a cupcake to treat yourself with, we operate a booth at the Medford Growers and Crafters Market during the spring/summer and into the beginning of fall, season. You can also find our sweet treats at several other locations, like the Pit Stop Espresso in Ruch and at Fox Run Farms on Jacksonville Highway. But, you can always give us a call, or email us, at least a week in advance, to order a custom creation just for you!



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Healthy Eating for Kids

You want the best for your family and food is a healthy way to interact with your kids.


Start young

School your children early with board books about fruits and vegetables. Involve them when you go grocery shopping identifying the fruits and vegetables and picking out healthy choices. Kids are more likely to eat healthy if they are engaged in the process of selection, planning and preparation of their meals. You can make meal preparation fun and creative that kids will look forward to. Make scenes with your food, pancake or sandwich faces, craft animals from celery sticks, peanut butter and apples or raisins.  We are taught not to play with our food but a little fun time can be good.


Where Food Comes From

A great way to teach kids about food is to visit the source. Maybe you have space for a garden and can involve your kids in the growing of the food they will eat. Or maybe you can visit a farm, a U pick, Farmers Market or even join a community garden. How fun it can be to grow, care for and pick fresh fruits and vegetables together.


Healthy Snacks

Keep a good choice of healthy snack options at home or when you are on an outing.  Carrot sticks, sliced apples or cucumbers, grapes or raisins, bananas, whole grain crackers, yogurt, popcorn. Seasonal fresh snacks of sliced watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, berries, peaches and other sliced fruit is a treat.


Maybe your child is picky about eating fruits and vegetables in the whole form. A good way to be sure they get a mix of fruits and vegetables is making fresh vegetable juice or a smoothie. Carrots, celery, beets and a little ginger make a yummy vegetable combination (you would need a juice machine for best results).  Bananas, strawberries (or other fruit choices) , yogurt and coconut water, almond or soymilk make a yummy smoothie and the variation of combinations of what is right for your family is limitless and a great way to introduce new fruits.  The end result is you are happy knowing your kids have drank their fruits or vegetables.

Be a Good Example

Let your child see you make healthy food choices. If your kids see you eating healthy that will become a norm in their lives. Maybe you can read ingredient labels together, if your kids see it is important to you then it will be important to them to develop healthy eating habits.

Try, Try Again

If your kids reject a new fruit or vegetable, don’t give up.  Take a break and offer at a different setting. There are many creative ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into main dishes if you search for new recipes.- Zucchini noodles.  Banana and fruit pancakes, cauliflower crust pizza, etc

Make it fun and start young.


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The Healthy Food Festival


The Annual Healthy Food Festival is held  in Grants Pass, Oregon in September.  A wide variety of activities, vendors, learning opportunities and tastings await the attendees. The Healthy Food Festival gives the opportunity to learn about and taste a variety of delicious foods that are easy to prepare and support a healthy body and mind.

Classes in the Learning Center speak to how nutrition affects our bodies, minds, and spirits and offer scientific wisdom about how to utilize food for health.


Several activities are planned for the entire family. Door prizes, Raffle, and SO MUCH MORE! See you there!

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