T1 Dynamite: A Southern Oregon group for youth with type 1 diabetes and their families

This is a support group for kids under age 25 who have type 1 diabetes. In the world of diabetes, type 2 diabetes tends to get most of the attention, leaving people with type 1 lost in the mix. Of the 26 million Americans living with diabetes, only 5% of that 26 million have type 1.
I have started a group for local youth with type 1 diabetes because I couldn’t find one in Southern Oregon. If you are 25 or under and have type 1 diabetes, please join us at one of our meetings!
This is an active group with each meeting focusing around an active activity such as bowling, swimming, or rock climbing. Being active is an important part of proper diabetes management, but managing your blood glucose during exercise can be difficult. Because of this, many people with type 1 diabetes are discouraged from joining sports teams or doing sports altogether. T1 Dynamite meetings are a safe place to be active, have fun, and learn that it is possible to play sports, even with type 1 diabetes.
Our Group’s Objectives:
1. To help young type 1s and their families connect;
2. To raise awareness about type 1 diabetes in our community; and
3. To be active and do fun things together where we all have type 1 diabetes, and where managing blood glucose is the norm!

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