Geocaching provides hours of free outdoor adventures for the whole family!

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   Geocaching provides hours of free outdoor adventures for the whole family!

By Alex and Amanda Smith

Geocaching has been around since 2000 and in recent years has expanded into one of the hottest family activities for all ages. Geocaching is a treasure hunt using GPS technology to find real life treasures hidden in plain sight all around the world and even in your own backyard! A GPS device or smart phone, a good pair of walking shoes, a writing tool, and a sense of adventure are all you need to geocache. It’s easy to begin. Go to, set up your free basic membership (or for a small yearly fee become a premium member and have access to more geocaching options and possibilities), search your home address and let the adventure begin! Each cache will have a description of what you are looking for and sometimes a hint. You can also read the past logs of other folks who have found that cache. Once you discover the physical cache you will find a log sheet to write your geocaching name on. Then you can log the find online via smart phone or computer and share your experience with other cachers. Often, inside the cache you will find small tradeable items so make sure you have a trinket if you want to swap something! This is a favorite part of the game for young cachers. See for more details on tradable items.

 In beautiful Southern Oregon, there is no shortage of hiking trails, stunning scenery, and outdoor adventure. Geocaching takes people to places they have never been to or perhaps didn’t even realize existed right here is Southern Oregon! From the top of Mt. Ashland to the river banks of the flowing Rogue River and all places in between, there are hidden caches and treasures to be found.

Visit our website at or to learn more and see some of the fun things we have going on.

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We look forward to hearing from you and sharing more about this amazing adventure for the whole family!

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