My Top Four Most Valuable Toddler Airplane Travel Items

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By Miranda Black
Owner and Acupuncturist at Radiant Family LLC
I have a deep love of travel. For the sake of this article, I did a count. I have seen twenty-one of our beautiful nation’s states and fourteen other countries. When I had my wee one less than two years ago, I knew I was not going to compromise my love of travel for the sake of parenthood. Our son got his first passport stamp at eight months, and will add four more at the age of two this Spring.
I can say with experience that travelling with small children is much more challenging than travelling without. It is also so much more rewarding as we make memories that I will cherish for all the years
I live. Visiting new places gives him confidence and removes possible fears.
Travel also trains him to adapt to new routines and new environments.
Don’t let possible difficulties dissuade you;whatever challenges come your way, you will never regret sharing a trip with your child.
#4: Apples. Simple, healthy, and wonderfully time-consuming. Whole apples could bounce around in my purse without fear of spills. They also take time and effort to eat whole, helping to provide entertainment over the hours on board.
#3: Pillow. Sounds silly, but “Taco Pillow” is one of my top essentials for travel with the Little Mister. It is a flat bed pillow that easily folds around him like a taco. This makes a comfy nest for him to snooze in, blocking some light and sound, and provides him with something from home he is happy to snuggle up to (other than me).
#2: Tablet. I’m not a big tech person, but having a tablet device along was a lifesaver. I thought ahead to download a number of episodes of his two favorite cartoons. This allowed us to watch them whether or not wifi was available. Letting him zone out to his favorite shows was a wonderful way to prevent a meltdown.
#1: Fold-up stroller. As a Christmas present to myself, I invested in a type of stroller called the Pockit. It folds up into a little square so you can bring it right on the plane. Not checking a stroller means you don’t have to wait for it at the end of the flight, and can just wheel on your merry way. I even wheeled him right on to the plane once when he was asleep. A good, small fold-up stroller is an investment for toddler travel that pays for itself on the very first trip.
Happy Travels!
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